My life more then…

Some people say that those people are so lucky. Some may envy their outlook, when others may feel jealous with the position they are in this society and what they got in hands.

He has a nicely built body. She has a beautiful face. He is such a smart guy. She has a lot of friends. He has many many talents. She is incredible. He is stunning. He is rich. She is fabulous. He is cool. She is sexy. He has branded new car. She always wear fashionable branded attires. He is this…. She is that…. He has this… She has that…

Walking in confidence poses, talking in authoritative tones, making friend with people similar to them…

Look at this two different type of people:

1. I think I possess something that others don’t.

We can think in this way because people around us validate of what we possess. We can stand in the tallest podium with every gesture of arrogance and talk as in we know everything. Content is almost our everydays mood. Striving for doing better to maintain those that we have possessed (materials, outlooks, relationships etc). Sometime, become a poseur is what we do.

2. I look and validate those people with something. I think I have nothing.

We are always looking at people in category 1 and envy them. No one can actually blame us from doing that. But, we will blame someone from own circles that make us like this. We are people in this society who are being not so “outstanding” in the crowd, or at most we are those being left out.

He has nothing. She is nothing.

We feel that we don’t have anything that society agree as being “worthy”.  Moreover, society keep pushing us to think in that way. We are being forced not to look at ourselves from other perspective that pull us up, or at least give us slightest confidence.


With what you think right now, do you feel you are in the first category or the second? Or maybe in between?? Do we possess something worthy?

Actually, I believe all of us has something that is worthy in ourselves, only if we are proud of it. That’s true that this life will seems unfair when we take a glance around us.

now: read my post 14 April

We see some people are born with so many many things that we don’t have. Some people have only few things they can be proud of. In other hand, there are also people that we find it so hard to look of something worthy from him/her. But, even so, those people can still produce or make something they can be proud of. It may or may not be approved by the society. We have still be proud of it (that’s hard, I know, but that’s what we do to live this one life).

We may not have the same thing that people have. Remember that we are unique. What they possess may not necessary be the same as what you possess. Everyone has something special in themselves. We try to be better day by day until the day we have done our best. When is it? You decide it. Everything we can see, touch and feel will not last forever. Every possession I mentioned may be good to have in this life. But those are merely for temporary, they will perish someday. When will they perish? You decide it. These are all temporal matters.

So, what do we possess in this life that are everlasting, eternal, never vanish as long as we alive?

For me, it is nothing but CHOICES. There is no such thing as “no choice“, “I have no choice “, “I must do this, that’s the only choice“, etc.

Choices is yours.

“I have no money, so I have no choice but to steal…”, ”No choice, I have to leave her because I am too busy…”, “I have bad grades because my teacher hate me, that’s not my choice… ” If you really look at this sentence and let your brain process other choices.. You can search for tons of choices…

It is just about our choices to feel sad or happy about ourselves. It is your choices of how you want your life is. You don’t like this kind of life, choose another kind. It is your choices of being camaraderie or betrayer. You don’t have any true friend, you choose to have one. It is your choices to have the confidence. You afraid, choose to train yourself to have brave. Choices

When your first choice failed, there will be another choices. Remember, YOU ALWAYS HAVE CHOICES.

That’s one way of being optimistic ) I want to be what I want to be. That’s a choice.


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