Which Personality Type makes a good PM or effective PM??

I think that personality types are good guidelines to give us insight into what does or does not make us tick.

I know that there is quite a bit of excellent and respected work on using types to match to careers. And definitely it is a good guideline. But I prefer not to use these as hard and fast indicators as who will excel at a specific career, I believe it can go beyond personality type.

Sure, some personality types are not suited for some things; most people gravitate away from careers that are way off base for them. For example someone with a high ‘E’ or extroversion (which means they tend to think out loud and share most of their thoughts before thinking them all the way through themselves), may not be happy working alone in a research lab. Someone with a high ‘I’ or introversion (likes to have time to think before expressing thoughts, does not tend to think out loud), may love being in a research lab.

I think that Myers-Brigs or Keirsey can be a very help communications tool. Going through an assessment
as a team and sharing the results (in a facilitated, non-judgmental way) can be an excellent team builder.
It helps people understand the perspective of others. When an ‘E’ understands that an ‘I’ likes to have time
to think or when an ‘I’ begins to understand that an ‘E’ may run through lots of ideas out loud before they
make a decision, it really helps to break down barriers. So maybe many project managers fall into a specific type, but that does not mean they are the only good project managers. Different types of industries and projects call for different personalities and leadership styles. Consider running a military operation VS the opening of an art gallery. I bet that two different styles (both drawing upon the best practices of project management) are needed.

I believe it is about understanding who you are, what strengths you possess and then placing yourself in situations that support you and your strengths. Then you will shine!

by http://www.MeloniCoaching.com  (President)