Meaning of my name

Sumera means : Princess
Sumaira means : Brownish

samira/samaira/sameera mean?


Origin: Arabic Meaning: Pleasant community
Origin: Afghan Meaning: Pleasant community
Origin: Swahili Meaning: One who reconciles

Samira- companion in evening talk

Samira (In Arabic سميرة Samira; also Sameera) is a traditional feminine Arabic name. It is the feminine form of Samir, meaning “friend of the night” (most common), or “morning star” (high Arabic), or “human of the night”. The name also means “pleasant companion”.

The original name was Semiramis, the ancient queen with her hanging gardens.

Less commonly, Samira is also a Hindu name, derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “gust of wind”, or “cool breeze”. This too, has the masculine variant of “Samir.”



samira/samaira/sameera mean?

The name Samir (not Sameer) is defined as “Companion in Evening Talk”. This can denote several meanings. During the “daytime” is when light subjects are discussed and “evening” subjects cover alot of taboos, sexual connotations, or innuendos. Being a companion in evening talk would mean that, a lot of censored subjects and issues would be conversed about freely with “Samir”.

Another meaning to the description could be simply just a “lover”. The evening (for most) is when sexual energy flourishes the most, and having a name like “Samir” speaks very strongly to a romantic sense of self.

So long story short, evening talk can be discussing taboo subjects, or evening talk might not even use any speech and can be an “evening action” so to speak.



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