home treatment of Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can occur due to many reasons. But treating it successfully would depend completely upon how long you have had the problem. Sometimes, if you have started developing skin pigmentationpatches newly, you will find that treatment is not only simpler, it is also faster. Simple cases of newly developed pigmentation patches can be treated by using aloe vera gel. You can apply the gel to your patches in order to take care of it effectively and rapidly. If you can, try to get a fresh leaf and squeeze the gel out of that. This is relatively better than using it out of a bottle. But that is not to say that the bottle version does not work as effectively or as well. Look for a bottle that states that it contains 50 per cent or more of pure aloe gel. It is advisable to start using aloe soap. This will not make a significant contribution, but it will certainly help to not develop more spots.


Another step that has to be taken to arrest the growth of pigmentationpatches is that you must use sunscreen lotion when going outdoors as a rule rather than only while going to the beach. This will also make a considerable difference in that you will be preventing further patches from appearing. There are also some simple fruits and vegetables which you can apply to get rid of dark patches and spots. Cucumber juice is considered to be one such remedial measure. Raw potatoes are also rich in starch and mildly bleaching agents. If you can squeeze out the juice of a raw potato and apply this to your patches, you will see a lightening of the discoloration in as little as a week.


It is also important to inculcate a daily routine to cure yourself of the problem. Soak almonds overnight, and peel and grind them the next morning. Apply this to your patches to reduce darkness. A tablespoon of milk powder, honey, lemon juice, and almond oil can be mixed and stored in the refrigerator. Applying this for about 20 minutes will help to even out your skin tone considerably. You can also apply very diluted ammonia to your dark patches. But make it a point that you do not go out in the sun after doing this, otherwise your skin will only darken further. Therefore, the best time to do this is at night, when you know you will not be going out.



Hyperpigmentation is the formation of dark skin patches. It’s very common and can occur for people with all skin types and complexions. Successful hyperpigmentation treatment depends on how long you’ve had the problem. New dark skin patches are often easier and faster to get rid of than ones that have been on your skin for years and years.

In order to find the right hyperpigmentation treatment, you should find out the reason you’re getting dark skin patches. There are a number of different causes of hyperpigmentation. Here are a few:

    • Sun Damage — Dark skin patches can occur due to sun exposure. They’re sometimes called age spots or liver spots. This type of hyperpigmentation is often seen on the face, hands and shoulders. It’s the result of many years of exposure to UV rays.


    • Melasma, or Chloasma — These look a lot like the dry skin patches caused by sun damage, but the cause is hormonal changes. Women often get melasma or chloasma during pregnancy, or sometimes while taking birth control pills. If you’re looking for a hyperpigmentation treatment, and your dark skin patches are due to melasma, you might just need to wait until you’re no longer pregnant, or you may have to stop the birth control pills (if you’re taking them). The dark spots are likely to go away on their own.


    • Scars — Sometimes, after you’ve had acne, you’re left with scars that look like dark skin patches.


  • Freckles — Some dark spots are simply inherited, so there is no hyperpigmentation treatment for this type of skin spot. Consider them beauty marks!


There are a few natural hyperpigmentation treatments I’ve heard people use that might be worth trying at home. You could try applying these natural ingredients to your dark skin patches:

  • Aloe vera
  • Cucumber juice
  • Raw potato juice
  • Ground almonds, soaked in water
  • Mix of milk powder, honey, lemon juice and almond oil

There are also some good hyperpigmentation treatments described here. Just be careful not to use any product or ingredient that could damage or dry out your skin.

It’s also really important not to expose your dark skin patches to further sun damage. Be sure to wear a sunscreen daily to prevent more dark spots and to keep the ones you have from getting darker. I can’t encourage this enough — sunscreen is an essential part of your hyperpigmentation treatment!


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