* Rope Jumping for burning Belly Fat *

Belly fat is the most common problem that people are facing today. On top of that, losing this fat is not so easy. Patience and hard work is needed to get good results. One of the effective ways that has proven to be successful is skipping. Rope jumping for belly fat not only helps to lose tummy fat, but also to strengthen the body muscles. This kind of exercise can be done by people of all ages. Children do this exercise as a part of their play and adults do this to lose weight.
It is more effective for women as compared to men. It is like a cardio exercise offering you portability and flexibility. Choose a good jumping rope that reaches from the floor to mid chest when it is folded in half. Wear proper shoes with both cushioning at the ball of your foot.
Out of many cardio workouts, rope jumping has proven effective to burn calories and lose belly fat as compared to other exercises. Most of the people due to the changing world are under stress and find it difficult to go for long term exercises. However, rope jump has proved to be the fastest burning exercise to lose weight in less time.
Different Styles of Rope Jumping for Belly Fat
Single-Foot Jump: In this type of rope jumping, you have to jump up and land on one foot instead of your both feet. Do 10 jumps on left foot and then do the same with the right foot. Then slowly increase your jumps every day and then start working up to 100 jumps on every foot. To lessen the impact on your knees, lift your foot so high that it allows the rope to pass underneath.

Lateral Hops: Performing lateral hops is not difficult. You have to lay the rope on the floor in a straight line from handle to handle. Then you can stand at one end and jump back and forth over the rope. Then again go backwards and start the same thing till you get to the beginning point. Do at least 100 revolutions once you pick up the speed. Try repeating the series first at least five times and then have a one minute rest.

Backward Jump: In backward jump, you have to use both the feet and swing the rope along the front of your body and then take a big jump. You need a good coordination, so that you can jump correctly. This will help to improve alternate jumps and make you perfect in the single foot jump as you will swing the rope backwards.

Alternate Foot Jump: In this style, you need to switch back and forth between the feet with every swing of jump rope. First, you have to jump with your right foot on first swing and then with the left one on the other swing.
Benefits of Rope Jumping: This exercise not only helps to lose belly fat, but also has other advantages like:

In just 30 minutes rope jumping workout, you can burn at least 250-500 calories.
You can increase the rate of your heart and eliminate the calories without getting much stress.
This exercise is actually fun as you can work out with changing patterns or styles.
It can be a great warm up and a good weight training exercise
It is more advantageous for women as they have the tendency to lose bone calcium after crossing 30 years of age. Weight bearing exercise like rope jumping can help to preserve bone mass and build strong bones.
It is known for its more comprehensive type of body weight exercise

Some workouts if done in a correct manner help to burn calories every minute like rope jumping. It is a high intensity workout that includes interval training for 15 minutes and burning more calories compared to any other cardio exercises like treadmill or fast walk or even jogging. Usually, rope jumping is done by athletes to increase their strength.
Most health experts suggest obese people to use rope jumping for belly fat as it can burn the calories quicker and faster. It is a convenient tool that every individual should use to maintain his/her health. You can use this rope jumping in many styles and can carry it wherever you want.

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