humsafar a comic review

If you’re a human being and you know a Pakistani woman, then you’ve probably heard about Humsafar.

I could write pages on how this show is planting the seed of fasaad (trouble) in perfectly normal and happy households and how it’s basically just a guide on how to break up pretty normal marriages. The fact that most women like it says a lot. I’ll end the casual sexism now and just give you the review. Enjoy it!

A couple of things to remember: this review is supposed to be funny. If you do not find it funny there is a little ‘x”on the right side of your webpage – just click on it!. I’ve seen only 15 minutes of this show and made the rest of the comic from the word on the street. If there are any Urdu phrases you don’t understand, please leave a comment.

Also Khirad is kind of hot. I approve.

Lastly, ignore all grammar and spelling mistakes and click on the image if you have trouble reading the text.

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