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Google Buzz – How Will it Affect Local SEO?

Everyone’s buzzing about the new launch from Google dubbed “Google Buzz.” While millions of people are checking out the great new features it brings and new worlds of communication it has literally just opened up, all of us in the search engine optimization profession are asking, “How Will it Affect Local SEO?” Let me first point out a few all but obvious strategic advantages Google Buzz has over its competition.

How to Optimize PDF Documents for SEO

On page optimization and link building are the most basic techniques of optimizing a website. Apart from web pages, many sites contain assets in the form of documents (.doc, .pdf), spreadsheets (.xls), presentations and videos (.avi etc). Optimizing these assets is beneficial as they get indexed faster and rank well in the top search engines.

INSTANT Google Traffic – You Choose the Keywords

Can’t afford to wait for SEO to start working? Get targeted Google traffic in just days. Premium sponsored exposure on all your important keywords. There’s no quicker way to boost your website results!
Organize Your Google Exposure Now!

Marketing Tips: The Internet Marketing Secret That Stops Small Business Owners in Their Tracks

All of my clients are exceptional at the service they provide for their clients. However, many of them have a hard time filling their practices and finding clients. Almost without fail, they tell me that this is a marketing problem. It is a marketing problem, but not the type they think it is. The same problem is the Internet marketing secret that stops small service business owners in their tracks, every time.


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