heart attack

I want to write few words from one of my prev. post: “…….Is kaainat main kub saare sawalon ke jawab milte hain. Koi formula nahi chalta. Kisi mantiq ki chul theek nahi bethti. Hum saari zindagi jaanne ki tag-o-do main lage rehte hain magar saara kuch is dil ke maanne se hai. Agar dil ko qarar aa jaaye to koi maujiza naqabile yaqeen nahi rehta. Kuch bhi namumkin nahi rehta. Falsafa chale na chale magar jo baat, jo cheez is dil ki dharkan ki ley(tune) se murtaish (vibrate) ho jaaye – wahi haq, wahi sach ! Sala ye kambakht dil !!..”

Pain was so severe that night, savage heart
wanted to confront each vein
diaphoresed from each sweat gland

(my heart was)
Like far at your patio
each petal washed in my despondent blood
appear morose with grace of moonlite glow

Like in my deserted body
tents of all aching threads openly
start giving signs serially (of)
farewell of (my) passions’ flock

And when appeared somewhere under smoldering lites of remembrance
one last moment of your affection
pain was so intense that (heart) wanted to pass it on

We did want to stay though, heart did not desire so


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