Definition of Care

Charge, oversight, or management, implying responsibility for safety and prosperity.

Attention or heed; caution; regard; heedfulness; watchfulness; as, take care; have a care.

The object of watchful attention or anxiety.

To be anxious or solicitous; to be concerned; to have regard or interest; — sometimes followed by an objective of measure.

Love begins by taking care of the closest ones – the ones at home.
Mother Teresa

care. what is the meanig of it?
is the meaning of care is same in all religions/cities/peoples/culture?

i think yes. this is same. but some people thinks that its different for different kind of people.

agar koi kisi ki help kary bagher kahy, ya help mangy koi kisi sa kabhi b, aur usay help mily. to us ki care ki us shakhs na jis na help ki. behaviour aur routine agar same rahy hamesha to wo care ho ge.maska nahi. agar badal jaey to maska.


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