Kafir-e-ishqam musalmani mara darkaar neest
Har rag-e mun taar gashta hajat-e zunnaar neest;…..
Az sar-e baaleen-e mun bar khez ay naadaan tabeeb
Dard mand-e ishq ra daroo bajuz deedaar neest;
Nakhuda dar kashti-e maagar nabashad go mubaash
Makhuda daareem mara nakhuda darkaar neest;
Khalq mi goyad ki Khusrau but parasti mi kunad
Aarey aarey mi kunam ba khalq mara kaar neest.

by Ameer khusro


One comment on “Zihale-e-Miskeen

  1. English Translation

    I am a pagan and a worshipper of love: the creed (of Muslims) I do not need;
    Every vein of mine has become taunt like a wire,
    the (Brahman’s) girdle I do not need.
    Leave from my bedside, you ignorant physician!
    The only cure for the patient of love is the sight of his beloved –
    other than this no medicine does he need.
    If there be no pilot in our boat, let there be none:
    We have god in our midst: the sea we do not need.
    The people of the world say that Khusrau worships idols.
    So he does, so he does; the people he does not need,
    the world he does not need.

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