Does He Really Love Me?

From the Blog of “Crystal of Light and Love 5” a Psychic Advisor on Keen

Love is expressed in many ways. Some men are able to use the words, “I love you,” while others feel awkward or uncomfortable when trying to verbalize their feelings. Perhaps your guy grew up in a family that discouraged direct expression of love. Or maybe in the past he declared his love to a woman and she rejected him. You just want love! No games! No drama! But you are having a difficult time knowing if your man has genuine feelings for you.

  • “Does he really love me or does he just want sex?”
  • “Is he the one or should I keep on looking?”
  • “What did he mean by that comment?”
  • “Is he being honest or just being nice?”
  • “Is he too good to be true?”

Even if your man has trouble expressing his feelings, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. It just means that he’s not good at communication… that is something that can improve over time. The expression of love is different with each individual; you know someone loves you by the way they treat you. A man might show his love for you by fixing your car.

Sometimes when your guy does not use the L-word with you, it’s because he is not aware of your feelings. He hasn’t picked up your signals of interest. You may have to make your interest known so that he will notice and can respond with mutual interest. Some men get confused or are shy and need to be guided to love. But if this guy does not respond in kind, he is not the one for you.

You may decide to love him all the more without really knowing his feelings. This can be risky and painful. You may believe that he’s tragically blocked from sharing love to you only to find out that he has no trouble openly sharing “love” with another woman. Or some men will use the words but not back up their professed love with loving actions. If you fall hard for a man, and he doesn’t really show you that he loves you, he is probably using you for sex or another reason or just passing time with you until he finds a “real” girlfriend.

He Doesn’t Love You When:

1. He doesn’t treat you like a top priority in his life.

2. He’s nice to you when it’s convenient for him – like right before sex!

3. He checks out on you emotionally for long periods of time, and acts like you’re crazy and/or needy for asking why.

4. He’s openly critical of fundamental things about you that you can’t change.

5. He seems to enjoy your company and encourages your involvement with him, but you sense that he is still on the lookout for something “better”.

6. He shuts you out of big parts of his life – family, friends, and his past.

7. He keeps telling you that he’s not good relationship material or he doesn’t deserve you but doesn’t discourage you from sleeping with him.

8. He takes no emotional risks for you, but doesn’t object when you take emotional risks for him.

9. He gets irritated with the vulnerability you feel in the relationship and doesn’t want to think about your feelings.

10. He rewards you for being “strong” and/or “understanding” when he does things that he knows hurt you! If he loved you, he wouldn’t hurt you.

11. He sleeps with other women. He’s not ready for a one on one relationship but wants those hot romantic nights with you!

Don’t accept less than loving behavior in the hope of being loved. A man who has his emotional act together and is truly in love with you will want to make you happy. It will bring him pleasure. Just as hurting you will make him feel like he hurts himself and he’ll try to figure out how to stop doing it!

The man who loves you will want you to feel as special and valued as you make him feel. He’ll be willing to take risks for your love. He’ll want to share himself and his life with you. He’ll let the world know that you are his. 

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