IT Infrastructure department

Move to take up new responsibilities in the IT Infrastructure department

  • If you do not know what IT infrastructure is, then neither party in this discussion is thinking clearly. You need to approach whoever feels this is a good idea and ask them to define IT Infrastructure (which in every company I have worked for refers to a minimum of the underlying back-office hardware (and in one case software) that the enterprise runs. This includes but is not restricted to Servers (including OS installs), Phones, Network Configuration/Tuning and much-much more. If you are a Project Manager, then you know how important training is and do not hesitate to state the requirement up front and make sure it is clear a stack of manuals and work station that runs Google is not good enough! In your new role you will be responsible for making sure the machines that run the software that runs the company is running 24 x 7 and that means you will wear a pager and be its slave. Make sure you are wanting this type of life style and good luck! Some people love this type of role, but make sure it suits you and your personality.

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