Aligning Project Workforce with Business and Project Objectives

Format: Evaluation Form
Contributed by: Joe Wynne

Get your project team–and every project team in your organization–aligned with the overall business strategy to really improve perfomance and your company’s bottom line. This template, designed as part of a complete employee motivation and retention strategy, will help you organize information on your business objectives and precisely how your project and each team member and task works toward meeting those defined objectives.


This template is designed to assist a project manager with improving project workforce performance by aligning worker efforts and project objectives to business objectives and strategic initiatives. This alignment is part of a proven employee motivation and retention strategy.

When to Use

* Complete During Planning Stage

* Use information when preparing for Kick-off Meeting (Activation Stage) and for continuing communications

* Disseminate to team leads and managers to ensure consistent communication and implementation

* Review & revise after significant organizational change

Business objectives and/or strategic initiatives that this project supports:

Precisely how this project supports the above (be concise)

Project requirements and how they link to meeting goals and initiatives above (scheduling, budget, quality, customer satisfaction, organizational effectiveness, etc.)

How each project worker role contributes to meeting project requirements. (List each major role with short description of contribution.)



How workers will be supported to attain any additional skills needed to meet project and business objectives

How workers will be able to find out how well they are meeting project and business goals (include all methods of feedback)

How project workers are to escalate problems that interfere with meeting project or business goals