MAGSNET Event : MOSS 2007 WSS 3.0 & S2B

Mr. Mohammad Azhar organize that session for MAGSNET. I helped him little bit for this event management.

The event started at 4:00 PM and finished at 5:40 PM. The session was started by Mr. Wajahat. He discussed the main features of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. He also discussed how the Magsnet can utilize the MOSS 2007 & WSS 3.0 for their development.

Sanjay Kumar (KalSoft Software Engineer) also contributed the session with Wajahat Abbas. He highlighted the exciting features of MOSS 2007 such as Search, Content Types, and BDC. The session was interactive & equally participated by the audience.

Wajahat Abbas further introduces the Microsoft new portal of Students & Partners named as s2b. This portal will bridge the students with business, and help the students in getting Job. Pakistani students can register themselves by Clicking here

Ghaznfar, MAGSNET owner, brief the speaker about the my organization. Boss told them (speakers) that MAGSNET started its working by 1998, and the company is more towards web, rick UI development, and have done numbers of projects with many local Giants.

After the event, refreshment was served.


2 comments on “MAGSNET Event : MOSS 2007 WSS 3.0 & S2B

  1. Its really good efforts by Miss Sumaira Qureshi to collect all information and compile in manner.
    Keep it up to compile more ful of informative bolgs.


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